Low Maintenance Fire Extinguisher – P50 | Dare you to change – the fire extinguisher revolution

Dare you to change – the fire extinguisher revolution


Dare you to change – the fire extinguisher revolution

Posted by admin in Thoughts 16 Oct 2013

While watching the TV one evening last week an advert caught my attention and made me think about the P50 Service Free Fire Extinguisher.

The advertisement that engrossed my attention was the latest ‘Dare You To Change’ campaign run by the new online TV service Wuaki, featuring one of athletics most influential competitors in track and field Dick Fosbury. You may haven’t heard of Fosbury but you will be very aware of the legacy he has left in the sport.

He revolutionised the high jump event, inventing a unique “back-first” technique, now known as the Fosbury Flop, adopted by almost all high jumpers today. His method was to sprint diagonally towards the bar, then curve and leap backwards over the bar. Today this technique is the norm but back in the 60’s jumping over the bar backwards would have seemed ridiculous.

I actually don’t understand the ‘daring change’ being adversely made by Wuaki as upon viewing the service seems like any other online TV offering. However, the advert actually made me realise just how revolutionary the P50 Service Free Fire Extinguisher is.

Like Fosbury the inventor of the P50 Roger Carr  made a brave daring change.

He turned the fire extinguisher industry upside down by developing a non corrosive, non metal fire extinguisher that didn’t require any servicing for up to 10 years – 10 times longer than every other metal extinguisher on the market. The decision to do this was brave as the effects of this invention will potentially change how the whole industry has operated and goes against the grain of how fire extinguisher companies actually do business.

For decades the fire extinguisher industry hasn’t changed it’s ways. To be honest I don’t think it’s changed since the 1970’s, all fire extinguishers are still metal and the servicing of a vessel has had to be undertaken every year.

Innovation and improvements should be celebrated and they will always pull through and very much like the Fosbury Flop there will be a time that everyone will adopt this daring change.

Change is sometimes tough to take but the customer will want to save money, have a safer product and become more environmentally friendly all for the sake of a little change with a new fire extinguisher.

I dare you to change to the P50!

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