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Get your questions about P50 maintenance free fire extinguishers answered by visiting the FAQs section of our website.
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Q Will the P50 fire extinguisher require any maintenance during its 10 year guarantee?

The P50 Low Maintenance Fire extinguishers will need to be checked once a year by the owner or responsible person. This can easily be done by following a simple 3 step process which is clearly printed on the extinguisher body.

Q Where can these P50 low maintenance fire extinguishers be used?

The P50 foam extinguishers replace traditional foam, water and CO2 extinguishers in office environments, schools, nursing homes, agricultural and similar environments. The P50 powder extinguishers are used in engine rooms, refineries, farms and other outdoor locations.

Q What happens after ten years?

After ten years Tower Fire Group offers a refurbishment at a significantly lower price of a new P50, which gives the low maintenance fire extinguisher another ten year lifespan.

Q What does the Fire Service think of the P50 Fire Extinguisher?

Nottingham Fire Service are currently using the P50 Fire Extinguisher on their fire engines.

Q Can the P50 extinguishers be phased-in?

If a customer has existing extinguisher provision where extinguishers do not expire all at the same time, we offer a staged introduction to make this process easier and most cost efficient.

Q Where is the P50 Fire Extinguisher manufactured?

The P50 fire extinguisher is manufactured in the UK and conforms to British standard EN3.
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