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The P50 service free fire extinguisher is made from tough materials to create a maintenance-free fire extinguisher that offers maximum durability.
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How it’s made


Tower Fire Group has chosen to provide three types of P50 extinguisher inlcuding:

1. Foam with a fire rating of 27A / 183B
2. ABC powder with a fire rating of 43A / 183B
3. Super BC powder with a fire rating of 233B

Each P50 low maintenance fire extinguisher is made from an extremely tough, yet light fibre material from the aramid family known by the name Kevlar. Kevlar is so tough it is used as the primary composite material in gas bottles, bulletproof vests and fire proof gloves.

P50 extinguishers incorporate two patented elements – the loose weave and the locking neck ring. This innovative design uses magnetic gauges for checking and certifying the operational pressure. Added features of P50 low maintenance extinguisher include corrosion free, lightweight and extremely durable.

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