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P50 maintenance free fire extinguishers require no discharge testing or refills for 10 years and offers huge benefits for large and small organisations.
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The P50 Service Free Fire Extinguisher


The P50 service free fire extinguisher is an innovative development in the UK fire extinguisher industry. Certified to BS EN3 and MED with a 20 year life, requiring no discharge testing or refills for 10 years the P50 maintenance free fire extinguisher is a market changer with huge benefits for organisations large and small.


No Annual Service Engineer Costs

The P50 fire extinguishers can be maintained easily by any person following a simple 3 step process.

Kitemarked by BSI

P50 maintenance free fire extinguishers are CE marked and have gained the BSI kitemark to BS EN3, the British and European standard for fire extinguishers.

10 Year Warranty

The P50 service free fire extinguishers are supplied with a 10 year manufacturers warranty. Constructed using an Aramid core and proven quality components these extinguisher are 100% corrosion proof. We also offer refurbishment after the 10 years lifespan which will create another 10 year lifespan after the refurb.

Free Shipping & Installation

The P50 maintenance free fire extinguishers are shipped free of charge and will be installed and commissioned by one of our BAFE certified engineers at your site. We also provide a free site survey ensuring that you have the correct extinguishers installed throughout your premises. The engineer will also issue training to you or your staff on the simple yearly visual inspection required.

Free Replacement Guarantee

If you have to use your P50 extinguisher on a fire we will replace or refurbish it free of charge within 7 days of receiving your fire service incident number.

100% Recyclable

P50 extinguishers are 100% recyclable. P50 service free fire extinguisher can also be factory refurbished after use or after the 10 year lifespan. The refurbishment currently costs £80.00 ex VAT including collection and re-delivery from and to your premises.



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