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P50 service free fire extinguisher can be inspected annually to ensure the quality and proper functioning of the product.
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P50 Annual Inspection


P50 maintenance free fire extinguishers can be visually inspected easily by any person following the manufacturer’s simple visual inspection instructions. The annual visual check is then simply recorded on the back of the extinguisher (using a permanent marker) and in the company’s fire log book.

Just folow these simple 3 steps:

Step 1 – Annual visual inspection

Visually inspect the P50 fire extinguisher, checking for any signs of tampering or damage and ensure that the tamper seal is still in place. Using a clean cloth remove any dust and dirt that may have built up on the extinguisher’s body.

Step 2 – Check the manufacturing date
Check the manufacturing date of the service free fire extinguisher, this is either indicated by the coloured plug in the side of the nozzle holder or printed on the underneath of the extinguisher.

Step 3 – Check the pressure gauges
Visually check that the gauge needles in both pressure gauges are in the green. Hold a magnet underneath the front gauge (located directly under the safety pin) and move it from side to side so that the needle follows it. Release the magnet and ensure that the needle returns to the green area of the pressure gauge.

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